Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

It’s probably worth noting that every so often, between the High Stakes Montana Ranching Drama and the often-violent twists and turns that come accordingly, Yellowstone can also find ways to be legitimately tender and emotional. The closing moments of “All I See Is You,” the third episode of Yellowstone’s fourth season, features one of those trademark moments of violence, as John Dutton (Kevin Costner) kills a man who conspired against his family in a not-so-fairly-matched duel. But as that duel concludes, a voice familiar to music fans for the last 50 years—that of folk singer-songwriter John Prine—kicked in, and after a quick fade to black, a tribute to the musician flashed on screen: “In Loving Memory of John Prine.”

Yellowstone ends every episode with a needle drop, and while they tend to all be well-curated, genre-appropriate picks, not all come with the emotional resonance that come with playing a song from Prine’s final album as a tribute flashes on screen. The episode’s title, “All I See Is You,” is named for a song by Shane Smith and the Saints from their own 2015 album titled Geronimo. So it makes sense that an episode already named for a poignant song would have a poignant, heartfelt ending of its own.

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