Fri. Nov 26th, 2021

Bring on the cuddles, sapsters. Whether it’s toward your boo or crew, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to act mushy to the people you love. Maybe you want to spend 24 hours feeling like the world is full of happiness and rainbows by sending modern-day love letters via text. Maybe you want to spend quality time with your S.O., pet, and/or a very large bottle of wine. Or maybe you just want to cry alone into a pint of Häagen-Dazs that technically isn’t a single serving but will absolutely be finished in one sitting. Totally up to you.

Fortunately, Netflix has something for your Valentine’s Day streaming needs…whatever those may be. We’ve compiled some of the sweetest, sappiest movies that’ll make you feel all the feels. Warning: You might want to keep a box (er, boxes) of tissues nearby. Sometimes the greatest love stories don’t have happy endings. The emotional roller coaster is REAL.

A man goes on a quest to win the heart of the girl he’s crushing on by bringing her a falling star… but ends up falling in love with the star instead. (The star is a girl played by Claire Danes. Trust me, it makes sense.) It’s the magical enemies-t0-lovers fantasy you need to be watching on Valentine’s Day.

You could make a marathon out of the whole saga on Netflix… or just cuddle up with the cozy blue mist of the one that started it all. Pump your fist at the baseball scene. Marvel at how the two stars have become our greatest weirdo indie darlings. Embrace it.

History buff couples, look alive! This film about an interracial marriage that went all the way to the Supreme Court is quietly romantic with two killer performances from Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton.

Netflix lists this as a hidden gem, and they’re so right. I feel like I’ve seen a dozen movies about artists who fall in love but let their ambitions get in the way—but every single one of those movies came after this one.

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