Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Disney shared another sneak peek into Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, the Walt Disney World-based Star Wars-themed hotel. Disney’s Destination D23 presentation focused on lightsaber and bridge training experiences, which put guests at the forefront of the hotel’s elaborate story.

Demonstrated by Disney Parks Experience and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro, the video features a cast member as they teach D’Amaro the various skills needed to defend the ship. In the lightsaber demo, D’Amaro is trained using wall-mounted turrets. It appears that the turrets shoot beams of light, which are disabled when the lightsaber slices through them. The turrets quickly build up speed as the beams are blocked, putting the guests’ Jedi reflexes to the test.

D’Amaro and the cast member move on to the Bridge Training experience. The room is filled with different stations and a wall-length screen displaying the galaxy outside. Guests are given the chance to defend the Halcyon, the name of the ship/hotel, by pressing buttons and pulling levers that correspond to lasers being fired at TIE fighters onscreen. In the video, it is explained that guests will have to defend the ship from the First Order by controlling the various weapons systems. They may also be given the chance to put the ship into hyperspace.

This sneak peek is one of many being released as the hotel’s March 1, 2022 opening date approaches. Just last week, Disney shared six of the interactive characters that will be featured in the hotel. Given the resort’s interactive nature, various experiences and interactions lead into one another. The lightsaber and bridge training will be amongst a large variety of experiences aboard the ship.

As the opening date creeps closer, more information will likely be released about the highly interactive storyline taking place in the immersive Star Wars hotel and how each iconic element will be a part of guests’ journey into a galaxy far, far away. Stays for the hotel are currently booked through mid-June 2022, with a minimum two-night stay required. You can watch the demonstration of lightsaber and bridge training below.

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