Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Kids are already being sent home from classrooms and learning moved back online due to spiralling case numbers.

St Mary’s Church of England Primary in Hereford and Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio in Lancashire have shut for at least a week.

And now campaigners fear many more schools could follow suit in the run up to the Christmas holidays.

They say children are being treated as “second class citizens” and must be allowed to stay in the classroom.

The move is being fought by parent group UsForThem, which battled to get kids back in lessons after last year’s lockdowns.

Mum Arabella Skinner told the Telegraph: “As the experience of last year shows, these isolated cases of school closures don’t stay isolated for long.

“The worry is that in the run up to Christmas we will see more examples of this.

“For how much longer are we going to ask our children to stay second class citizens?”

The group’s founder Molly Kingsley added: “We’re deeply saddened to see schools closing due to Covid.

“Kids have missed out on so much face-to-face time this year that they just need to be back in their classrooms and with their friends, learning and being children.

“To close schools at a time when adults are about to be enjoying Christmas parties and mixing seems especially unfair.

“It’s time we let our children get on with living their lives.”

UsForThem said remote learning was a “failed experiment” and “not one we should be repeating in the context of a nearly fully vaccinated adult population”.

St Mary’s, in the village of Credenhill, closed its doors for a week yesterday to battle rising Covid cases.

Head Bernadette Davies wrote to parents saying “the purpose of this break is to act as a circuit breaker and cease the transmission of Covid-19 throughout the school”.

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio, a secondary school for 13-19 year olds, is moving lessons online.

It told families children will have to learn remotely until at least next Thursday “in light of the number of cases and the advice given”.

Principal Colin Grand told the Manchester Evening News: “Like all small schools even a slight increase in staff testing positive for Covid has a significant impact on our ability to deliver face to face lessons.

“We have taken the difficult decision to build in a short circuit break and move towards remote learning until December 2 when we hope to welcome our staff and pupils back.”

Meanwhile, one primary school in Essex urged all parents to get their kids tested after five cases were detected.

It said pupils should stay at home if their PCR swab comes back positive or if they develop any Covid symptoms.

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