Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

The planning committee at South Lanarkshire Council has rejected plans for a Starbucks to be built on Bothwell Road in Uddingston.

On Monday, the planning committee voted on an amendment to refuse the new drive-thru coffee shop on the grounds of negative impact to traffic, movement and parking.

Councillors went against recommendations from the council planning officers who were in favour of the new Starbucks.

This comes as almost 140 objections were raised to the committee from locals who expressed their concerns.

Councillor Graham Scott said: “If there’s an overflow and a tailback from this drive-thru, it would be onto a main strategic road, so I have major concerns that any tailback from queues using the drive-thru could cause serious road problems.”

He added that the new development would be, “a recipe for disaster.”

The proposed plan would have seen a drive-thru Starbucks with a car park and a jet wash facility being developed with new pathways being created to allow movement from Bothwell Road for locals.

Overall, 18 councillors opposed the plans with only three in favour of the new development.

Councillor Kenny McCreary said: “The road doesn’t flow nice and smoothly just now.

“The traffic is really congested most of the day, certainly at school time, so any additional traffic is really going to cause chaos.

“We can’t cope with any more congestion and pollution given there is a church nearby and a nursery nearby.”

He added: “We should be encouraging people not to drive the car to places, we should be encouraging them to walk.

“This is going to cause tremendous congestion and pollution in a small town that is very busy.”

Road congestion was a key concern, and Councillor Bert Thompson said: “The road is horrendous just now and things will be exacerbated, it does not look sensible.

“We’re trying to get people to drive less but we seem to be promoting a drive-thru with more cars.”

In response to the decision made, Scottish Green MSP for Central Scotland, Gillian Mackay, said: “I’m delighted SLC’s planning committee listened to resident concerns and rejected this application.

“This proposal would have had a significant impact on the lives of many of those who understandably submitted objections.”

She added: “Uddingston does not need a drive-thru Starbucks that will increase traffic and air pollution.

“The removal of trees with no replacement was unacceptable, the problem of litter from takeaway coffee cups is well documented and it would have been totally reckless to approve this new development.”

Concerns were raised at the meeting around the environmental impact a drive-thru could have on the area, but there were plans to install charging ports for electric cars.

Other objections came from Uddingston Community Council, who expressed concerns relating to congestion, pollution and the impact that a Starbucks would have on local businesses.

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