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Since its release in 2002, Disney’s animated movie Lilo & Stitch has captured the hearts of audiences and still continues to do so to this day. Full of warmth and humor, the popularity behind Lilo & Stitch is due to a heartfelt story about family, excellent characterization, and some of its most memorable lines.

There are a number of heartfelt quotations from Lilo & Stitch to tug at the heartstrings, but there are also some brilliant one-liners to make the audience laugh to balance out those emotional moments. From bringing a running gag full circle to highlighting the importance of the movie’s message, these quotes remain some of the movie’s best lines.

“Using A Little Girl For A Shield! This Is Low, Even For You!”

Sent to capture Stitch from Earth is his creator, scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba, and intergalactic Earth expert Pleakley. The former is initially one of the movie’s primary antagonists, only just about restrained by the frantic Pleakley from making a public spectacle of capturing Stitch.

The two locate Stitch at the dog rescue center, in which Stitch is aware of their presence and barks for Lilo’s attention. Lilo unwittingly protects Stitch from getting shot, which causes Jumba to angrily shout the above exclamation. Seeing as Jumba is meant to be villainous, it’s both funny and touching to see that even the mad scientist has moral standards. The scene gets even better when Stitch mockingly taunts him right in front of an oblivious Lilo.

“Does This Look Infected To You?”

There are subtle parallels between Lilo and Stitch early on and one is that both of them bite their adversary at the time. Lilo bites bully Mertle in a fit of rage, and Stitch bites Captain Gantu out of spite. After being bitten, both Mertle and Gantu ask their friends and colleagues respectively “does this look infected to you?”

Whilst Mertle’s query comes across as childish bullying, it is a lot funnier when Gantu asks it. Towering over his colleagues and even the Grand Councilwoman, Gantu is extremely formidable and tough. For him to meekly ask someone much lower ranking than him whether the bite looked infected seems both endearingly and hilariously out of character for the powerful alien captain.

“Saved The Planet Once. Convinced An Alien Race That Mosquitoes Were An Endangered Species.”

One of the running gags in the movie is that Pleakley believes that mosquitoes are endangered and does all he can to make sure Earth and its wildlife are safe and thriving, purely to support the mosquito food chain. He soon learns the nasty truth about mosquitoes when camping outside Lilo’s house.

It is revealed why Pleakley is obsessed with mosquito preservation at the end of the movie. Social worker Cobra Bubbles states that he was a former CIA agent who saved the planet by somehow convincing an alien race that mosquitoes, one of the most common yet least liked creatures on Earth, are an endangered species. The line doesn’t only tie up a rather funny running gag but also solves the mystery of the enigmatic Cobra Bubbles.

“You’re Just Jealous Because I’m Pretty!”

Another notable trait of Pleakley is that he dresses up in Earth womens’ clothing when in disguise and really enjoys it, as seen when he’s preening himself in front of a mirror wearing one of his wigs.

Jumba catches him in the act and decides he wants to try on the wig, which Pleakley refuses. Jumba wrestles him for the wig where Pleakley yells “You’re just jealous because I’m pretty!” The one-eyed alien provides a lot of comedy relief already but this moment also shows a goofy side to the slightly more sinister Jumba. The line also amusingly contradicts Jumba openly calling a disguised Pleakley “ugly” earlier.

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