Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

National Pi Day is upon us! For those of you who consider yourself mathematicians, this day is totally for you as it’s the one day of each year that we honor the mathematical constant that begins with 3.14. Even if you don’t consider math to be one of your strong suits, National Pi Day is still here for you, too.

Since Pi Day is all about celebrating the number that doesn’t end, most restaurants show their love for the day by offering customers deals on both pizza and pie. A true two-for-one deal if you ask me. Here are a few places we found that have some worth “high-pieing” your friends about.

If you happen to have a Blaze Pizza location near you, then you’re definitely in luck because they happen to be running one of the best deals you can find for National Pi Day. The brand is now giving customers the opportunity to score an 11-inch customized pizza (with unlimited toppings!) for just $3.14. All you have to do is download the Blaze Pizza app before March 14—if you’re not already a member—and select your favorite Blaze location to be able to receive the reward. This deal runs all the way until April 12 and is valid both online and in-restaurant. So you’ll have plenty of time to redeem your reward if you can’t make it on the actual day.

In love with Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and hoping that they’ll be dropping some amazing deals for Pi Day? Well, I’m here to tell you that your prayers have been answered. Best known for its coal-fired pizza, the restaurant is bringing back the incredible deals that it offered for this year’s National Pizza Day: The first deal is one 18″ traditional cheese pizza, one small salad, and two fountain drinks for only $25. The second deal includes two 18″ traditional cheese pizzas, one large salad, and four fountain drinks for $40 while deal number three is for those who need something sweet after they eat and offers customers an 18″ cheese pizza, small house or Caesar salad, the choice of two mini cannolis or one slice of cheesecake, all for just $25. Sounds like a steal to me.

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