Fri. Nov 26th, 2021

Six-year-old Naomi Pascal lost her treasured teddy bear in October of 2020 along a trail in Glacier National Park. This teddy bear had been a part of Naomi’s life since her adoption from an Ethiopian orphanage. A park ranger happened to find the teddy bear and kept him on the dash of his patrol truck. The following year, some of Naomi’s family members spotted the teddy bear on their trip to the park and it was soon returned to Naomi along with a junior ranger badge and a ranger hat.

“It was just a story of hope and kindness and people just working together. It touched people’s hearts. It gave ’em hope. It made ’em feel like there is good in the world, which I believe there is,” Naomi’s dad Ben Pascal said.

Snoopy to be on board the Artemis 1

A stuffed Snoopy toy, wearing a space suit designed according to NASA’s specifications, will be on board the Artemis 1 next year as it launches humans to the moon, Mars and beyond. Snoopy will serve an important purpose, as when he starts to float, he indicates that the spacecraft has entered zero gravity.

“The spacesuit had to meet all the requirements and be of the same quality that the astronauts would be wearing, both in the materials and what got approved. So it was a months-long process of going back and forth and back and forth as they considered all the materials used on the spacesuit,” said Craig Schulz, son of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz.

Rare polydactyl cat brings people joy with mitten paws

Teddy, the polydactyl cat, was born with thumbs that make his front paws look like human hands or mittens. The thumbs do not affect Teddy much, as cats are very adaptable. Teddy has his own Instagram page, bringing his thousands of feline-loving followers joy.

“Teddy is my little buddy! We spend a lot of time together, from working and relaxing at home, to walks and road trips! Teddy is used to going on adventures, so we get to do a lot of things together,” Teddy’s owner Selvynna Tang said.

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