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First Cow opens with lovely poetry from William Blake: “The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship.” The line precedes the film’s opening sequence, where an unnamed woman (Alia Shawkat) and her dog (because what would a Kelly Reichardt production be without a dog?) stumble upon and unearth a pair of human skeletons buried a stone’s throw from a rivershore in modern day Oregon. Blake’s words take on dual meaning: Friendship might be home and hearth for man, but it’s also his tomb.

Given that the bones belong to 1800s frontiersmen who’d rather be anywhere than the frontier, the implications of the contrast feel more tender than they do morbid. Deducing whose remains the woman has found in the film’s present is a simple task. It’s the questions of how they got there, and why, that Reichardt refuses to answer upfront.

One of the dead men is Cookie (John Magaro), so named because he’s a cook and his companions, a troupe of uncivilized fur trappers, lack imagination. The other is King Lu (Orion Lee), a Chinese expat on the lam from a pack of Russian thugs. Neither King Lu nor Cookie care for the casual barbarity of their time and place; they get along easily and form an immediate bond. Then they conspire to steal milk from a cow (the first cow, in fact) owned by a wealthy Brit by the name of Chief Factor (Toby Jones), use said milk to bake tasty goods, and make a mint selling their treats to hungry and homesick pioneers (as well as the wealthy Brit, a pompous naif who’s none the wiser to their theft).

The picture that First Cow most closely mirrors is one of Reichardt’s own: Old Joy, her adaptation of a Jonathan Raymond short story that orbits two men whose friendship has rusted over through the passage of years. Unlike Old Joy’s long-time pals, Cookie and King Lu are new acquaintances who become fast friends. But just like Old Joy, First Cow explores the hushed melancholy of platonic male friendship. Reichardt’s historical lens gives that melancholy new context: Cookie and King gravitate toward each other out of what looks like necessity at first, but as the film progresses, “need” takes on expansive, more tender meaning.

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3. We’re More Than Just Skull Friends We’re Like A Really Small Gang Svg

4. When Someone Calls Me Asshole I Get A Warm Feeling Inside Because My Work Here Is Done Svg

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11. You Inspire My Inner Serial Killer Svg

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