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House of Gucci may not feature any music from stars Lady Gaga and Jared Leto, but the soundtrack is made up of a few familiar favorites.

House of Gucci stars Lady Gaga, and while audiences won’t find her name on the soundtrack, they will find a variety of songs from other well-known artists. House of Gucci centers on Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga), an outsider who married into the Gucci family. Patrizia worked at her father’s small trucking company before she met and married Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). Maurizio was the heir to half of the Gucci fashion house. Maurizio and Patrizia got married, and Patrizia lied, cheated, and stole in an attempt to reach the top.

House of Gucci is based on the true story that resulted in a murder in broad daylight and a legendary fashion brand named for the Guccis that no longer contains a single member of the Gucci family. The Ridley Scott crime drama stars two-time Academy Award nominee Adam Driver and Academy Award winner Lady Gaga. The cast also includes musician and Academy Award winner Jared Leto, who is hardly recognizable under his three hours’ worth of makeup.

The soundtrack for House of Gucci contains quite a few familiar favorites from artists most viewers will recognize, but interestingly, does not contain any music from Lady Gaga, who won an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2019, nor 30 Seconds To Mars singer Jared Leto. The soundtrack does, however, feature songs from the likes of Donna Summer, George Michael, David Bowie, and Blondie. Below is a list of every song in House of Gucci and where to hear them in the movie.

“La Ragazza Dol Maglione” by Pino Donaggio – This song plays over the title card of the film and continues as Patrizia walks past workers at her dad’s trucking firm in the opening scene.

“On The Radio” by Donna Summer – This plays when Patrizia and Max are at the costume party, and Patrizia meets Adam Driver’s Maurizio in the movie.

“Disco Fever” by Chuck Witherspoon & Rufus Merryweather & Sonny Jackson – From a scene with Maurizio and Patricia dancing together.

“Sono Bugiarda (I’m A Believer)” by Caterina Caselli – Maurizio’s very first day working at the trucking company.

“Libiamo Ne’lieti Calici (Brindisi)” by Luciano Pavarotti & Dame Joan Sutherland & The London Opera Chorus & The National Philharmonic – Plays during a scandalous scene where Patrizia and Maurizio have sex in the accounting office.

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