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To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, DC Comics will release a special one-shot anthology, titled Weird Love Tales, starring Harley Quinn and Peacemaker.

This Valentine’s Day, DC Comics continues its line of holiday-themed anthology books with Weird Love Tales #1, featuring stories of love and romance featuring Harley Quinn and some of DC’s most popular characters, written and illustrated by today’s top creators. The 80-page one-shot will be on sale in print and digital February 8.

Holiday-themed anthologies have become a tradition at DC Comics in recent years; these anthologies allow creators to tell fun, one-off, out of continuity stories that reflect the spirit of the holiday. These books have become popular with fans, particularly the Halloween specials, such as this year’s Are You Afraid of Darkseid? Now, DC celebrates Valentine’s Day with Weird Love Tales #1, featuring romances from every corner of the DC Universe. The stories are written by Ram V, Stephanie Phillips, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelley, Rich Douek and Devin Grayson; illustrations will be handled by Ande Parks, Phil Hester, Geraldo Borges and many others; Yanick Paquette provides the cover.

In a first look shared with AIPT, DC revealed more details about the special, as well as a preview of Paquette’s cover, seen below. While information was scant on the characters appearing in the book, the preview did mention that Peacemaker, a breakout star of this summer’s The Suicide Squad, will star in a story described as a “bromance” between him and his sidekick Eagly—who is an actual eagle. DC also promises a first date that will surprise readers. Paquette’s cover, alluding to a story in the anthology, shows Harley Quinn stopping a T-Rex in its tracks with a heart-shaped box of chocolates—perfectly capturing the weird and gonzo spirit of this one-shot.

Weird Love Tales may be DC’s strongest holiday anthology to date. Not only is it a celebration of Valentine’s Day, but also a callback to DC’s anthology comics of old, like titles such as Forbidden Tales of the Dark Mansion or Weird War Tales. The publisher has assembled top-flight talent as well: Stephanie Phillips is currently making waves writing Harley Quinn, Ram V has helped revitalize Swamp Thing in recent months and Lanzing and Kelley delivered perhaps the best Phantom Stranger story ever in Are You Afraid of Darkseid? The characters appearing in the anthology add to the weirdness as well. Harley Quinn makes sense, but the Peacemaker is out of left field and the premise of his story is outlandish, but somehow still seems appropriate for a character like him.

DC Comics’ holiday-themed anthologies are becoming a modern tradition, and Weird Love Tales, coming this February to celebrate Valentine’s Day, carries it on with stories of love and romance from across the DC Universe.

  1. You’re The Only Wiener For My Buns Svg

2. You Will Be My Valentine Snoopy Svg

3. You Are The Only Meat For My Taco Svg

4. Yoda Best Daddy Love You I Do Svg

5. Woodstocks Heart Svg

6. Woodstock Svg

7. Woodstock Heart Svg

8. Will You Be My Valentine Svg

9. Will You Be My Valentine Just Kidding I Hate Everyone Svg

10. Video Gamer Valentines Day With Controllers Heart Svg

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