Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Singapore — A touching story of a father and his three-year-old son who had to be isolated together after contracting Covid-19 was shared online through 12 TikTok video series, and counting, as they accompany each other through their quarantine isolation.

Dovanson Quah, the father of the boy, uploads, and shares the series of updates on TikTok while undergoing their quarantine.

His first post on their isolation journey titled “When your 3 year old kena covid” was uploaded last Monday (Nov 22) and has now reached over 250,000 views!

Quah said that he received a text message that someone tested positive for Covid-19 at his son’s preschool on Saturday (Nov 20). The following day, Quah’s wife immediately took an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at home for their son, Aziel, who showed some signs of weakness and fever.

The results came in after a few hours and Quah rushed to Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to take his Aziel for a swab test. Meanwhile, his wife then disinfected and cleaned Aziel’s room.

The family then decided to make the master bedroom with an attached bathroom an isolation area in their home for Aziel and his dad.

In the first video update, before locking the master bedroom’s door, Aziel said “Bye, I want to hug mummy”.

Quah responded, “No hugging,” as he feared the virus would spread to their household.

Aziel and his mother softly exchanged “I love you” while she was carrying his little baby sibling, standing with a helper outside the master bedroom, both wearing face masks.

The father and son first showed them organising their clothes by separating the dirty ones from the clean ones. Some essentials prepared by Aziel’s mother were also seen in the video such as art materials, N95 face masks, wet tissues, sanitisers, and some Pokémon stickers for her son.

The little boy also showed to their viewers his diapers, some educational books and some of his shirts and pants, but his father instantly reminded him with a laugh, “You’re not going out.”

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