Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

While some artists create their designs on canvas or paper, others embellish people’s skin with amazing body art. If you’re shopping for a tattoo artist, then you may be wondering what to get them. Well, we’ve put together a selection of unique gifts that are sure to surprise and charm them.

Among our list are practical gifts that will help them create, like a pair of wireless headphones and a hardcover sketchbook. There’s also an array of whimsical, tattoo-inspired products that celebrate the artistry and history of tattoo art, including a book of 200 years of vintage tattoos, a cute mug, and tarot cards.

  1. Disney Beauty And The Beast 20oz Skinny

2. Disney Beauty And The Beast Png

3. Disney Cinderella 20oz Skinny

4. Disney Cinderella Png

5. Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Png

6. Disney’s Mickey Cartoon Multi Character Png

7. Disney’s Mickey Cartoon Multi Character 20oz Skinny

8. Donald Duck Character 20oz Skinny

9. Donald Duck Character Png

10. Duane Shoot Stoys 20oz Skinny


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