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Taylor Swift has become so adept at inserting these Easter eggs in her music videos that she now plans them years in advance, and fans love them.

Everybody loves Easter eggs, but Taylor Swift’s fans have a special connection to them. The singer-songwriter has been including these sly references and hints in her album liners, her award show appearances, her social media posts, her clothing, and most importantly in her music videos since her eponymous debut album, and Swifties just can’t get enough.

Swift has become so adept at inserting these Easter eggs in her videos that she now plans them almost three years in advance, which is astounding and very enjoyable for her fans to point out and recognize when they watch her songs. The exact total count of these hints is unimaginable, but some of them were particularly loved by fans.

The Cake In “I Bet You Think About Me”

Taylor’s newest track from the Vault, “I Bet You Think About Me” is chock full of Easter eggs, but the towering wedding cake in the video is a glorious collection of references for fans to decipher.

The top of the cake has a bunch of numbers iced on it, the most important one being 13 which is Taylor’s lucky number. The middle of the cake has icing of two Red (Taylor’s Version) rings on it — one from the current era which she has been wearing, and an older one that she wore when Red was first released in 2012, which she supposedly gifted to Olivia Rodrigo. The bottom tier of the cake has birds on it that resemble one of two creatures: the seagulls that she wore in the 1989 album cover, or the bird species known as swifts. The red velvet cake also resembles a certain bloody cake that Taylor stabbed in the music video of “Blank Space.”

The Car In “All Too Well”

Taylor’s version of “All Too Well” is definitely better than the original, and the short film that came with the 10-minute version revealed more details regarding the song’s inspirations. The whole film, which starred Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, had references to her scarf, the age difference between her and Jake Gyllenhaal (which reflected in the actor’s ages too), and her entire album.

The most eagle-eyed fans noticed that the car that featured in the teaser of the film, and then being driven by Him and Her in the movie, was a Mercedes-Benz S-Class from the year 1989, a clear allusion to her Grammy-winning album. Could it be her next rerecording?

The Name On The Walls In “…Ready For It?”

When Taylor Swift released reputation, one of her naughtiest albums, she had been out of the limelight for years and returned with a bang and a new beau. She had a boyfriend named Joe Alwyn who had supported her endlessly, and his name was plastered in several places in the edgy “…Ready For It?” video.

The name Joseph was seen spray-painted on shutter doors on sets and seen spelled out in Chinese on a yellow and red lit-up board. His birth year, 1991, was also found scrawled next to Swift’s own 1989 birthdate as well.

The Necklace In “Out Of The Woods”

This banger from 1989 had a beautiful music video to match it, showing a bedraggled Swift running through forests, wastelands, chilly Tundras, and reaching the edges of cliffs ready to swallow you whole.

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