Citizen Program

Expansion of Cities and Diaspora

In the modern world, cities are being operated and developed into ones that have complex meanings that go beyond a simple space or place. We seek to reflect on such expansion of cities and the traces of our life as members of the modern diaspora.

Symposium2 (Korean Migrant Women in Germany Archive Special Exhibition & Symposium)
Our Trans-Gänger: Migration and Social Participation

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the dispatching of Korean nurses to Germany during the 60’s - 70’s, a venue was set for introduction and discussion on various kinds of social participation Korean nurses who flew to Germany experienced. We seek to demonstrate the life South Korean women lived in another divided country, Germany, while going beyond boundaries such as of ideology, race, gender, language, and reflect on the traces of activities in the past through video images.

Citizen forum 1
Diaspora within Us

We seek to examine the meaning of diaspora and discussions around new urban communities as well as contemporary life in Seoul by viewing the recent hot issues such as globalization, regionalization, movement and migration taking place around the metropolis, Seoul.

Citizen forum 2 (Citizen Photo Contest & Citizen forum)
Expansion and Continuity of Stories in Cities

A venue is set for discussions on the meaning of ‘urban community where people live together’ based on ‘daily life in a region’ and ‘changes within a region, mobility’. This will arouse some feeling of attachment to a specific place while at the same time enable the sharing of awareness on the movement of people who have migrated or settled in a region. Through discussions on people being dislodged from or settling in a city, we seek to shine light on the areas Seoul City should focus on in order to expand its stories and explore constructive ways to further develop the city.

Photography Workshop 1,2
Cultural Heterogeneity, Diaspora and Photographs / Photo Nomadic in Planet Earth

Workshop is prepared in order to promote the understanding on various lifestyles of modern people following migration and immigration which are on the increase due to globalization of Seoul by inviting theoreticians and photographers as lecturers.

A Month of Photography

In November, photo exhibitions will be held in public • private art museums and galleries simultaneously for a month to propose and promote exhibition contents related to the theme of Seoul Photo Festival and provide citizens with a great opportunity at visiting multifarious photo exhibitions held in a variety of unique spaces.