Photo Book Exhibition

Photographers in the Library

Photographers in the Library is an exhibition featuring 33 first-issue photography books by senior photographers of Korea, more than 300 photography books published in the country since independence, and 41 recommendations of photography books by photography specialists. Since the introduction of photography in the late period of Chosun, the history of Korean photography has walked a path as rough as the country’s modern history. It took more than 100 years for photography to establish itself as a genre of creative art, overcoming its roles as simple documentation, or as a technique of representation. In the long, or perhaps short history of photography in Korea, it was the 1960s in which independent aesthetics of the photographic medium began to be studied, and it was during this period that developments in the printing industry provided means for photographers’ works to be published in the form of “photography books.” Later in the 1980s-90s, as new generations of photographers emerged photography extended its domain to the arts, and became more diversified. In this exhibition, we want to provide an opportunity to gather and display the photography books of photographers, who have documented and testified on Korean contemporary history surrounding them since independence, in a single venue, and to ruminate on the appearances of our society since liberation together with citizens. It will be a place where citizens can feel directly the significance of a single “book,” completed as the result of the passion and painstaking work of a photographer, in addition to the flow of the history of Korean contemporary photography, through the books published in different periods since independence.