Photography Competition

International Photography Competition: Find Your Seoul

Find Your Seoul is an event in which citizens and foreigners living in Korea and overseas submit photographs taken in Seoul since Independence in 1945 until today. The exhibition will be composed of 70 photographs taken by 70 people, which were chosen by a jury from 832 photographs by 245 applicants, who submitted their works on the Seoul Photography Festival homepage from September 7 to October 4, 2015. During the long period of 70 years since liberation, the appearance of Seoul was remembered and documented in images as diverse as the increased population. Through this exhibition, we intend to share the images of Seoul, sometimes familiar, but sometimes strange, in the daily lives of people who lived in or visited the city, as they portray the meanings and impressions they felt through photography along with their stories. In addition, Dream-Flower Factory, which is a photography club working for public interest, and has documented the areas disappearing from Seoul for the past 4 years, SIWA(Seoul International Women’s Association) photo group, Inwang Photography Forum, which is holding an exhibition titled Our Seoul, and media contents group Humans of Seoul, which has created a great sensation on-line with the candid stories of ordinary Seoul citizens will also be participating in this exhibition as special participants. We hope this exhibition will be an opportunity for spectators to ruminate on the significance of Seoul through photography, and to empathize with the personal experiences of others.

Photography Competition for Teenagers: You are My Hero

You are My Hero is a nation-wide photography contest, in which young people can introduce their current hero figures, as they reflect on the lives of heroes who devoted themselves to liberation in the past. The exhibition will consist of 83 photographs taken by 78 youngsters, which were selected by a jury from 196 photographs by 101 applicants nation-wide who submitted their works to the Seoul Photography Festival homepage from September 7 to October 4, 2015. Our independence was possible thanks to the heroes of the time, who sacrificed themselves for their country, calmly achieving their dreams of independence at the center of the struggle. If so, who are the actual heroes of youngsters living today in 2015? For some, it may be one’s mother, friend, or an object in daily life, containing dreams and hope. The exhibition was planned to serve as an opportunity for teenagers to look around at their surroundings and feel the change within the flow of historical time, as they think about who and what are their heroes. We expect the exhibition to be a time in which viewers can look for their heroes and think about the meaning of their lives through the new and diverse perspectives of youngsters—on nature, the faces of neighbors, and family members—which adults often pass by thoughtlessly or view without much interest.